Who We Are

At Youth Matters Limited we believe that every young person has potential and if given the opportunity to realise it will flourish. We also believe that those opportunities are theirs by right even though for some young people they may have been denied. 
Youth Matters will ensure that each young person who joins the project will be equipped with the life and social skills necessary to prepare them to seize the available opportunities and in so doing rebuild their lives and ultimately succeed. Each young person placed in our care will be nurtured, guided and supported to ensure that they too have these principles applied and as such are enabled to emerge from the darkness into the light.
Youth Matters sees the focus of its work as identifying areas for individual development and enabling young people to gain the necessary life skills. Youth Matters Ltd works with the parents or carers, their social worker and other professionals to achieve a placement consistent with their long-term needs.

Our Mission

Youth Matters Ltd exists to empower young people to independence through basic life skills training, mentorship, rebuilding their lives, and imparting positive principles and beliefs.

Our holistic support packages cater for:

  • Young people leaving care
  • Young offenders
  • Unaccompanied minors seeking asylum
  • People with mild to moderate learning disabilities
  • Emergency overnight accommodation
  • Outreach
  • Solo supported lodgings
  • Homeless young people