Option 1

  • ​1 bedroom flat base rate charged per week + 2 hrs minimum support 
  • Medium risk base rate includes 5 hrs minimum support purchased separately.
  • High-risk base rate includes 10 hrs minimum support hours purchased separately.

Option 2

  • 2 bedroom flat/house with staff­ supervision.
  • Base price for accommodation based on risk assessment.
  • Support hours determined by the level of risk and support needed during daytime hours.
  • Sleep in staff­ where needed supplied and charged separately

Option 3

  • 2 or 3-bed house shared house based on low to medium risk young people with minimum support.
  • Base rate charged per week each per young person + 2 hrs minimum support a week each based on risk assessment.
  • Additional support can be purchased separately.

Option 4

  • This is based on a 4 bed shared house with 24 hour staff­ support.
  • This is based on medium to high risk young people and is charged at base rate week based on risk assessment
  • This kind of service is a purchased service especially designed for a particular authority with guaranteed beds.

Emergency Accommodation

Our 7 day Emergency Accommodation provision is the placement for Looked After Children aged 16+ who without the usual planning and thorough assessment process taking place need accommodation  to ensure the safety and the welfare of the young person.

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